Willow; the Edge of Water and Earth

Willow fills me up with the forces of Nature it so bravely inhabits. This tree is truly the interface of water and earth. It is an indispensable force in the landscape, in places in need of restoration, as an abundant nectar and pollen source for pollinators, and as a medicine. I am amazed at the... Continue Reading →

Forests as Food; A Reflection of Restorative Forest Agriculture

What most people fail to realize when looking at our current food systems is that agriculture as we know it is a relatively recent way of interacting with the Earth. And often a very destructive one. For time immemorial, people lived and sustained themselves in rich ways within forest based systems. This took place in nearly every part of the world, and still do in many parts today.

How to Grow Shiitake Mushrooms in a Cold Climate and Why You Should

Growing Shiitakes is a simple process in a cold climate, and with some guidance you will be well on your way to fresh mushrooms. This process requires a shady spot, a few tools, freshly cut tree logs (not more than 3 months old), and Shiitake spawn. What is mushroom spawn you ask? Mushroom spawn is essentially any substance like saw dust or wood chips that has been inoculated with the mycelium of that specific mushroom.

33 Fruit and Nuts You Can Grow in an Extremely Cold Climate (Zones 1-4)

It is an abundant world of fruit and nuts out there, even in a treacherously cold climate. Here in my home in Northern Ontario, I've compiled a list of fruits and nuts that not only tolerate the cold here...They thrive in it. I've outlined key information about every species that describes the flavour and applications of their fruits/nuts, growing requirements, and how they are an important gift to wildlife.

The Gifts of Birch Trees

Birch is an amazing ally in restoration, food, medicine, shelters, and provides remarkable gifts for starting fires. Even in the wettest conditions, you can rely on Birch to give you the tools you need to stay warm, dry, and cook your food. Birch is host to fungi that are some of the most powerful immunity enhancers accessible to people in Northern Ontario. In times that are uncertain, Birch's spirit remains as it does in landscapes that have experienced devastation...They are pioneers of growth and gifts for all things.

Plantain; Plantago major

It is interesting how Plantain (Plantago major) helps to heal the earth and human beings in astonishingly similar ways. When the Earth is trampled on and scarred, Plantain is one of the first who appears with its renewing, restorative energy. When human beings have a wound, a sting, or a disturbance on their skin, Plantain... Continue Reading →

Grow Your Own Oyster Mushroom Garden!

Have you ever thought about growing your own mushrooms, but hesitated because it seems difficult, mysterious, or expensive? Well I'm here to shatter all of those preconcieved perspectives and show you the simple and incredible path to delicious, gourmet, nutritious mushrooms. The world is actually your oyster...Mushroom! Even with a tiny bit of land, growing... Continue Reading →

Cattail; A Plant of a Thousand Gifts

Cattail! There isn't anything out there like it that has such important gifts of food, building, skin care, or who is such a steward of the landscape and waterways. At every part of the season Cattail shines it's unique pieces.

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