I’m Hailey Van Nood, a horticulturalist from northern Ontario who’s passionate about giving back to the Earth. You’ll find me picking acorns on the side of the road, growing every single plant that I possibly can get away with, and chewing on tasty wild greenery while I do just about everything.

The creative source is found in me when I’m with Nature; whether that’s a never offended patch of brambles behind a super market parking lot, or a mighty forest standing tall around me. Aligning my own life with the landscape is a love that’s always growing wildly. As you read this blog, may you be inspired to cultivate your relationship with the landscape and become a beautiful part of Nature as we are so purposefully meant to be.

Have you ever wondered how you can deepen your connection to Nature? How can you encourage self renewing landscapes? How can you experience more food sovereignty, health, freedom?

And most importantly how can you give back?

You’re in the right place. I’m here with this ever-deepening knowing that despite our current reality, humans can indeed cultivate a positive, life-giving relationship with Nature. In fact, we should aim to have the biggest beneficial impact we can possibly create. There have never been challenges like the ones we find ourselves in right now in the world. In this point in time, it is essential for us to connect with Nature for its renewal, as well as our own.

I am honoured to be your guide in cultivating your own connection with Nature. I offer my experiences with many plants, fungi, the landscape itself, and the ones I’ve been taught by the mentors in my life to help you better understand how you can enrich your life through interacting with the natural world. The most important mentor to you will always be Nature, so take my insight with a healthy understanding that things will differentiate in your ecosystem. However, the truths I’ve learned will find basis in the ones you discover along your path to becoming closer to Nature, and in turn, yourself. I am endowed with happiness to share all of my efforts I do in my own life to give back. I wish you time well spent in Nature, and the confidence and knowledge to create diverse beauty within it.

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