Willow; the Edge of Water and Earth

Willow fills me up with the forces of Nature it so bravely inhabits. This tree is truly the interface of water and earth. It is an indispensable force in the landscape, in places in need of restoration, as an abundant nectar and pollen source for pollinators, and as a medicine. I am amazed at the... Continue Reading →

Forests as Food; A Reflection of Restorative Forest Agriculture

What most people fail to realize when looking at our current food systems is that agriculture as we know it is a relatively recent way of interacting with the Earth. And often a very destructive one. For time immemorial, people lived and sustained themselves in rich ways within forest based systems. This took place in nearly every part of the world, and still do in many parts today.

Cattail; A Plant of a Thousand Gifts

Cattail! There isn't anything out there like it that has such important gifts of food, building, skin care, or who is such a steward of the landscape and waterways. At every part of the season Cattail shines it's unique pieces.

7 Powerful and Simple Ways to Give Back to Nature

Giving back to Nature can be a beautiful and creative way of living. The gift doesn't end there. It's meant to be shared, carried on, and eventually returned in a changed and yet even stronger form. How do we give back for the things that we have taken? This is a question I find in the deepest foundations of my life. 

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