Sea Buckthorn; Hippophae rhamnoides

Have you ever questioned your ability to grow fruit in a cold climate? Look no further! Sea Buckthorn, or Hippophae rhamnoides, is a wonder in the landscape I call home. This is a plant that grows with profuse creativity. It thrives in poor soils while fixing Nitrogen, has taste bursting berries full of antioxidants and bioflavonoids, and is extremely cold hardy. This shrub has so much potential for our health, our landscapes, and food security as a whole.

How to Grow, Harvest, and Make Medicine with Elderberry

Elderberries are enthusiastic and energetic growers that can never be tamed. They are extremely useful shrubs that are magnets to incredible amounts of wildlife, medicine makers, foragers, wine makers, and foodies. Learn about making Elderberry syrup, harvesting and growing techniques, and how to propagate this wonderful shrub.

7 Powerful and Simple Ways to Give Back to Nature

Giving back to Nature can be a beautiful and creative way of living. The gift doesn't end there. It's meant to be shared, carried on, and eventually returned in a changed and yet even stronger form. How do we give back for the things that we have taken? This is a question I find in the deepest foundations of my life. 

Labrador Tea

Learn about the gifts of Labrador Tea. How to make wild spice blends, how to make cough syrup, how to grow, how to harvest, sustainable harvesting, and how to propagate.

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